Choose the Wise Basketball Betting Choices


Basketball, better known as basketball (short for the Anglo-Saxon term basketball), is one of the most popular team sports in the world along with football. In this discipline two teams made up of five players challenge each other: the goal is to score with a ball in the opponent’s basket, following a series of pre-established rules and with a score that varies from the shooting position.

The Best Origins

The origins of basketball are to be found in the United States, precisely in Springfield, a town in Massachusetts. The invention of this sport is due to James Naismith, Canadian physician and teacher of physical education, in 1891. Since then, the popularity of basketball began to spread until it reached a worldwide reach. In 1932 the International Basketball Federation was founded and four years later, basketball became an Olympic sport included in the disciplines of the 11th Olympiad, which was held in Berlin. In this sheet we will focus on relating to the main competitions relating to the world of basketball. The 먹튀검증사이  bets are perfect there.

NBA basketball betting odds

Being a sport born in the United States, one cannot be surprised that the best basketball league in the world is based in the USA. We are obviously talking about the NBA , which stands for “National Basketball Association”. Today the championship, which like most North American sports does not provide a system of promotions and relegations, sees the title contend among 30 franchises divided into two conferences (Eastern and Western), each of which is in turn organized into three divisions. To try to win money using theNBA basketball bets you can consult and take advantage of the offered on

  • Stars and stripes basketball cannot be defined as just a sport: anyone who has ever watched an NBA basketball game (on TV or even better live) knows perfectly all the media circus that revolves around it. It is played in modern arenas and always sold-out in front of a warm audience, there is not a moment of rest and emotions flow hand in hand with the stopwatch of the various periods of the match. The NBA bandwagon moves an invaluable amount of money and it is also for this reason that the strongest basketball players on the planet play in this league.

The franchise most titled ever in the history of the NBA is that of the Boston Celtics, winner of 17 titles, immediately followed by the Los Angeles Lakers, with 16 editions won. Behind these two franchises that over the years have given rise to real winning dynasties, the Golden State Warriors and the Chicago Bulls stand out with 6 titles won each. Follow the San Antonio Spurs alone with 5 rings, then we find the Miami Heat, the Detroit Pistons and the Philadelphia 76ers with 3 titles each. Houston Rockets and New York Knicks have only managed 2 times, there are 10 franchises that have won the title only once.


In the last five years, the Golden State Warriors have dominated the finals, winners on three out of five occasions, interspersed only by the successes of Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors. This year making predictions on NBA basketball bets is complicated, in fact the challenge is more open than ever given the new balance and the many changes in the franchise roster.