Celebrate This Holi Season in Style with Colours of Joy Rummy Tournament


The festivals don’t impress a true rummy player as he is always looking for a challenge. He wants to prove his excellent rummy skills by playing in style. That is why Khelplay Rummy comes up with the most exciting tournaments and matches each festival season to help you prove your true worth as a rummy gamer.

So What Does Khelplay Rummy Have to Offer Its Participants This Holi Season?

Holi is the festival of colours. It is a festival used to mark the beginning of spring in India. It is a beautiful festival where people forget their differences and colour each other in many different organic colours.

Now, you can express your love for the rummy community by being a part of the Colours of Joy Tournament launched by Khelplay Rummy this Holi Season. The unique tournament is the best place to exhibit your true rummy playing spirits. There are going to be two qualifier rounds in between 16 March 2019 and 23 March 2019. People who manage to reveal their prowess in Indian rummy online games may even qualify for the Finale Round held on 24 March 2019.

If you are already excited, read along to know more about what is in store for you in these exciting contests.

Qualifier 1

If you are among those countless rummy players who wish to try their luck but do not wish to pay a penny in the course, you must try and get a place in Qualifier 1 tournament. Holi Qualifier 1 Tournament allows free entry to 1600 players. You can be one of them. The Holi Qualifier1 will be held daily at 4pm between 16th March and 23rd March 2019.

The players who manage to win these tournaments will be the lucky winners. There will be 200 lucky winners who will be granted an entry into the Finale Round for this special tournament.

Qualifier 2

If you are a rummy aficionado and have complete confidence in your rummy gaming skills, Colours of Joy Tournament is designed just for you. You can buy-in for the tournament with just Rs 100. The Qualifier 2 round is held daily at 8pm between 16th March to 23rd March 2019. Total number of players accepted in this qualifier round would be 100.

Each winner will get an entry into the Finale. Apart from that, a cash prize has also been set aside for each winner of Qualifier 2. The total number of winners in Qualifier 2 will be 50.


If you think you are the champion of Indian rummy, it is time to reveal your true skills in online gaming to the world around. The Finale of the Colours of Joy Tournament is an excellent platform where each rummy player gets to exhibit his superior rummy skills.

An entry to the Finale which will be held on 24th March 2019 at 9pm can be won by competing in any of the above tourneys. You may also choose to buy-in your entry with Rs 200 cash. The total number of players to be accepted in the Finale will be 2000 and each player leaves a winner. The prize allocated for the tournament is 10 lakhs.

Don’t rush in your entries before going through the contest rules and conditions. You need to know all facts listed on the Khelplay Rummy site so that you can be a better informed participant in the Colours of Joy Tournament.

Rush in your entries before all the places get filled and you lose the chance to participate in such a mind blowing rummy tournament.