9 terms to beware of before playing online baccarat


Baccarat is one of the simplest casino games ever to play as it is purely a guessing game. You need not struggle to สมัครบาคาร่า as the online casinos have made the process easier. However, you should make sure that you are comfortable while playing the game online. To do so, you should know the gameplay along with the different terms used in the game as explained in this article.

Banker bet – As the name suggests, the bet is termed banker bet if the player chooses the banker hand as his choice guessing that it will get the total close to nine soon. If the player does so, he can win a payout of one-to-one. However, he should give 1.17% of the winning amount as house edge.

Player’s bet – If the player decides another way around to go with the player’s hand, it is a player’s bet. The payout will be slightly high for the player’s bet in baccarat.

Carte – Carte is the baccarat term used whenever a player wishes to get a card from the banker or the dealer.

Chemin de fer – It is a European version of the baccarat game played with certain variations from the standard baccarat. Here, the players can take turns to play as the dealer and no dealers will be there from the casino.

Coup – Let us assume that three players are playing the game at once. If all of them had placed their bets and a round is completed, one coup is done.

Croupier – You need not confuse yourself with this term much as it is just another name of the baccarat dealer.

Face cards – You may be familiar with the cards available in a deck. There will be some numbered cards along with some lettered cards. The latter is known as the face cards. You can remember the term with the resemblance of the images with real-world faces. These cards have a specific value in the game.

Le Grande – We all know that the person who chooses a hand that is close to nine wins the game. If the chosen hand gets nine itself, it is termed Le Grande as no one could beat that hand.

Mini baccarat – It is the traditional variation of baccarat where the dealer from the casino’s end is the king of operations and the players will be just spectators after placing their bets.