6 Types of Sporting Bets You Should Know about


Nowadays, sports betting are on a rise because of the varied availability of the sport disciplines to choose from. Sbobet lists the most popular types of sports bets below.

  1. Point Spreads / Handicaps

Usually point spreads and handicaps are deemed the same kind of bet. In this type of betting, the punters don’t bet on the winner, rather on the participant who covers the spread. The bookmaker ascertains which team would preferably win the match and the total number of points that will be scored by the winning team. This makes it easy for the punters to decide if the numbers are high or low.

  1. Win bet / moneyline

This is one of the most common types of wagers. It is deemed a traditional form of betting and is easiest to understand. Win bets are taken place in every type of sports and predict the winner of a game or a sports event. In this very case, punters only choose the winner of a single game or competition.

  1. Prop bets / specials

Prop bets or proposition bets can also be called specials are referred to as wagers or certain aspects of a sports event that doesn’t influence the final result. There are many variants available on prop bets as any parts of sports can be selected to bet on. For instance, for football, you can bet on who will score a goal first, the time the first goal is scored, penalty if any, if the first team who scored wins the game, if player A scores more than player B and much more.

  1. Total bets / over unders

Totals also called over unders are very famous and easily understandable kind of bet. The concept holds that the bookmaker ascertains the total number of goals or points that will be scored in a game. Then the punters will determine if the actual number is higher or lower than the predetermined number set by the betting company.

  1. Outrights / futures

They both are separate entities and names for the same kind of bet. Punters make long term bets that determine the future result by selecting which team will win the league title or the final result of the season or series.

  1. Forecasts

These are mostly used for horse and greyhound racing. Here the punters determine the order in which the competitors finish the race. The order determines the first two places.